shoot preview!sayaka: misterkpopphotog: bananzers

oh gosh look how cute she is sayaka suits her so well!

shoot preview!
sayaka: misterkpop
photog: bananzers

oh gosh look how cute she is sayaka suits her so well!

Cathy’s beautiful b-day pic to me lmao

Cathy’s beautiful b-day pic to me lmao

Happy Birthday, Cathy! I hope you had a good one. I know the best gift in your mind would be a photoset on tumblr user bananzers blog, but I also hope you enjoy clubbing and woohoo-ing the night away in The Sims 3.~ <3

Reminiscing and making gifs of Cathy and I. My babbu ; u ;

Footage by GeorgeDugong

too…kawaii… (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

gettin real emotional about cosplayin with my friends
still wish I cosplayed w/ more people

Oh man best night.
Bowling was definitely the highlight.

Ugh seriously though Adelisa and I have discussed this for like the past week but I’m really happy to have finally settled down with a group of friends that I genuinely enjoy spending time and doing stuff with. It’s just so fun being around everyone.

Not to mention we’re all damn sexy.

yay post birthday photo

too lazy to go take a picture of my ripstick but it looks like this and it’s really fun to ride (soul skater)

1) Aaron sent me random yugioh cards, a spiderman game for my nonexistant gamecube with ‘pizza game’ attached. And a library card to the Everett library LOL thanks bruh

2) Assorted things from Cathy and a nendoroid petite of Madoka which is REALLY REALLY CUTE OK

TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them that they are it.
  1. I saw this at school today but forgot about it until I saw Vivian’s just now whoops.
  2. I lay in bed on the computer and eat food all day. Not in a joking way that’s just literally what I do.
  3. Pre-calc is currently kicking my ass.
  4. Andrew Scott is currently ruining my life.
  5. I never do these tag things so sorry but just imagine I sent one to you (‘you’ being whoever’s reading this.)
  6. Woah my birthday is in a week that’s exciting.
  7. Speaking of birthday’s, Phap’s is in 2 days and I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO GET HIM :(((((((((((((( help me
  8. My self esteem over the course of one day is accurately depicted by this sine wave
  9. I’m always tired and probably look like I’m going to kill someone so sorry for my face.
  10. I’m too nervous to talk to people in person (sometimes) but mostly on the internet because I’m a loser.

Woohoo! First order from Taobao is a success! I reaaally like these wigs, the colors are gorgeous and they are super soft. :)
The bangs are pretty ridiculous on both of them (as all bangs are on new wigs) so I had to pin them back but I’ll get around to trimming and styling them sometime else.

bang monsters ; u ;

But yeah, really excited to cosplay Stocking with Cathy as Panty next year! :D
I also got her Yoko wig but I forgot and now I’m too lazy to put it on.  

Batman go number 3, STILL GOOD.
Anyways hope you had a good birthday, Cathy! c: