I need to get rid of a ton of costumes so I thought I’d make one big post. I’m just going to list the costumes here but if you have any questions about pieces, size, cost etc. please PM me here!!

1) Satsuki Kiryuin (Kill la Kill) Costume only
2) Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill) Costume + wig SOLD
3) Mako Mankanshoku (Kill la Kill) Costume + wig
4) Yuuta Togashi + Rikka Takanashi (Chuunibyou) Costumes + wigs NO LONGER AVAILABLE
5) Maid outfit SOLD
6) Mirai Kuriyama (Kyoukai no Kanata) Wig + glasses only SOLD
7) Kuroko no Basket girls uniform (Used for genderbent Kagami, can be Riko or any genderbent Seirin character)
8) Mai (Avatar the Last Airbender) Costume only SOLD
9) Annie (League of Legends) Costume + wig SOLD

I also have two Kuroneko costumes I’d like to sell that I do not have pictures of but if you are interested please let me know and I can send photos! (her regular black outfit and the pink lolita outfit)

Anyways please let me know if interested or reblog to signal boost!! Thank you!!

Cosplay stuff still for sale!!

CLICK for more info and pictures.

Please check out my ad, shipping is free within the US and I really need to get rid of these last few items. :)

Costume for sale! reblog to signal boost?

I bought it for a friend (pictured) to wear at con to match my Madoka, and it really set me back money wise. Since it is technically mine and I have no use for it after con. As of right now I will take any offers for it, original price $130 for the set + some tailoring after I received it. Let me know if you’re interested ASAP! Send any questions my way too, thank you!

General size: Small 
Pieces: Inner shirt, skirt, jacket, two bows.

I’ll consider trades, so if you want to message me what you have go for it!


Dunno how to edit that post in an iPad but the buyer backed out and it is now on sale again
Please check it out!


I need to sell this because I have no money and yeah. It’s in perfect condition and has been worn twice indoors. I will be selling it AFTER my next convention which is AnimeIowa from July27th-29th. So this is a bit early but I need to know if there’s any interest.

If interested you can message me here or at for more pictures, offers, and measurements.

It’s on an offer basis right now, original price $130. Wig not included. 

Costume pieces - 

  • black longsleeve undershirt
  • white zipup half sleeve jacket
  • skirt
  • 2 bow pins (1 front 1 on back)
  • I can probably even throw in the petticoat if you want it

I think that’s all, thanks for your time! REBLOG to spread the word if you can, thanks!


STUFF FOR SALE YEAH. Best offer for everything. Contact through my ask if interested. (Have other wigs for sale here.

1 & 2 - Lightning costume and wig for sale. Includes everything except for her boots. SOLD

3, 4, 5, & 6 - Hero Haruhi costume and wig for sale. Includes everything pictured. I can include the shoes if you want, they are a bit big for me (I am a size 8). I belieeeeve they are a 9 but I can check on that later.

7 & 8 - Selling probably only one of my kigurumis. These are official and cost me over $80 dollars each. I am probably only willing to sell one of them, so whichever sells first, unless someone is interested in buying both.

9 - Selling my Hinata costume and wig from ‘09, haha. They are both in perfect condition. Costume is just the jacket.

Please contact me if interested or reblog to help spread the word! I’ll be posting these ads on coscom soon too if possible. Any questions or if you want more pictures feel free to message me!

Selling stuff aww yeee post 1 of 2 Best offer for everything. Costumes and other wigs here.

Wigs for sale. Contact me through my ask if interested. c:

1 & 2 - Dark Magician Girl wig, custom dyed and styled bangs. (On the right in the picture.) Costume is already sold. Can be used for anybody though.

3 - Short blue wig, Eureka from Eureka 7, again can be used for anybody.

4 - Curly long blonde wig I used for Luna Lovegood for the Harry Potter premier. Only worn once.